Kenny & David

Rundown the highs and lows of Monday Night Raw, After the banter of course.

kenny & Fin

Discuss the Week in Wrestling, with Fin's unique insight into the world of pro wrestling as the editor of the PowerSlam Magazine for over 20 years.

Kenny & Sondra

Summarise Smackdown from Sondra's disdain of Randy Orton to Kenny's optimism about mediocre angles. Always a fun listen.

Kenny & Sondra

Take you back 20 years with Retro Raw. The premis; Sondra only became a wrestling fan recently and missed the Attitude Era and Kenny is her guide. Does the Attitude Era Hold up?

Robert Duffin
Kenny McIntosh
Sondra Ruth Wesseldyke Reinstein
David J. McCutcheon
Kayfabe Jobber
Oly Ossatian
Fin Martin